2019 Mooring Contract


Seasonal Mooring Rental Includes:

-Seasonal pass on harbor launch “Olivia” during regular posted hours (see below for hours). Service to/from Bristol Marine dock to mooring field and also to Independence Park and the Town of Bristol Public Landing.
-Use of mooring hardware, including pennants (special pennants for catamarans or other may require an additional charge).
-Parking for two vehicles (parking stickers will be supplied prior to 2019 mooring season).
-Short-term dockage for wash-down, provisioning and pick-up.
-Discounted overnight dockage at Bristol Marine facilities (Bristol, Somerset, Massachusetts and Boothbay Harbor, Maine).
-Usage of Bristol Marine bathroom and shower.

New for the 2019 Season:

-Customer text message alerts and updates (on weather and other pertinent info to the mooring field).
-Dock and parking assistance from Bristol Marine employees on Fridays and holiday weekends.
-Improved parking arrangement with clearly labeled signage.
-Ice delivery by launch drivers on the “Olivia”.

If you prefer to print a hard copy of this contract, please download it here.


Pricing Breakdown:
Boat LOA (ft.)Mooring SizeRates
Please include all appendages*StandardWinter Storage Customer
40′-50′800lbs.$3,000 + $10/ft.$2,500 + $10/ft.
Over 50′1,000lbs.$3,400 + $20/ft.$2,900 + $20/ft.

*Appendages include pulpits, bowsprits, swim platforms, davits and any other items. Length overall must be measured to include all of these items; please note that length overall is not typically shown accurately in original boat manufacturer specifications. Due to proximity of adjacent moorings, inaccurate length overall can results in damage to neighboring boats. This is a very important measurement.



Mooring Contract:
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    Non-refundable full payment must be submitted with this signed contract prior to March 15, 2019. The agreement shall only be effective when also signed by an official of Bristol Marine AND acknowledgement of receipt.
    Please see all Rules & Regulations at the bottom of the page.

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This agreement is subject to the following:

1. Bristol Marine will not be liable, except as provided in Section 4 below, for any loss of, or damage to, boat or property of the Boat Owner, his guests or agents from any cause whatsoever, including fire, theft, vandalism, deterioration, part failure, storm or ice damage, wind, acts of God, outside labor, or the work of outside labor. It is the responsibility of the Boat Owner to maintain insurance on the boat and other property at all times.

2. Bristol Marine assumes no responsibility for any injuries to Boat Owner, members of his family, or guests while at Bristol Marine or while using Bristol Marine’s services, and except as provided in Section 4 below, shall have no liability for any such injuries.

3. Two vehicle parking is provided at Bristol Marine for Boat Owners and their guests. Bristol Marine shall not be liable for theft or damage to vehicles or their contents, except as provided in Section 4 below. Cars parked overnight must be checked in with a Bristol Marine representative. Cars not checked in will be towed at owner’s expense.

4. Bristol Marine’s liability for injuries or damages will be limited to those occurring as a result of Bristol Marine’s gross negligence, recklessness and intentional wrongdoing and not as a result of its mere negligence.

5. All outside labor must be approved by Bristol Marine. Before work can begin, outside labor must sign in at the office and submit a certificate of insurance covering comprehensive general liability and personal injury in a minimum amount of $2 million. Subcontractors who perform work on Bristol Marine property or docks must abide by any current rules and regulations of Bristol Marine.

6. Children under the age of 12 must wear life jackets when on the docks or floats. Dinghies may not be towed by the launch vessel for any reason.

7. In the event of severe weather, the Boat Owner is solely responsible to take all emergency means necessary. Bristol Marine does not assume any responsibility for protection or damages to the Boat Owner’s boat.

8. Pick-up buoys for moorings are not included in seasonal rental and must be provided by mooring rental customers.

9. Moorings are not transferable. Bristol Marine reserves the right to rent moorings to transients when not occupied by the Boat Owner. Boat Owner agrees to notify Bristol Marine when he expects to leave and also when he expects to return so that the mooring can be used for this purpose and to avoid any inconvenience to the Boat Owner.

10. Key or hatch combinations must be left with the office. Living aboard is not permissible at the slips or moorings; Nor will any type of Chartering business be allowed to operate from Bristol Marine.

11. Bristol Marine reserves the right to temporarily or permanently move a vessel to comparable mooring other than mooring initially assigned to the vessel without notice to the Owner for reasons of safety or security of the Marina property or the vessel and surrounding vessels or for any other reason which Bristol Marine, in its sole opinion, determines reasonable justification to move the vessel.

12. Overboard discharge of heads or holding tanks within the Marina or bay is strictly illegal. Anyone discovered doing so shall be subject to immediate implementation of #16 below. No dumping of porta potties in Bristol Marine head facilities is allowed. All waste oil, engine and transmission fluids, and fuel must be properly disposed of.

13. Bristol Marine has the right to deviate from any flat rate schedules due to unusual or nonstandard circumstances and charge its then current hourly rate.

14. Summer season is from May 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018.

15. Boat Owner will comply with all additional rules of general applicability for the use of the Marina which are posted by Bristol Marine.

16. Any infraction of the above by Boat Owner shall, at the option of Bristol Marine, result in cancellation of this contact upon ten (10) days notice to the Boat Owner, and the Boat Owner shall forthwith remove his boat. Bristol Marine will not refund any rental fees for cancellation due to Boat Owner’s violation of Bristol Marine rules.

“Olivia” Launch Schedule 2019

April 22 – April 29:0900 – 1600 (9am – 4pm) Monday – Friday
April 30 – May 23:0900 – 1830 (9am – 6:30pm) Daily
May 24 – Sept. 2:0800 – 2030 (8am – 8:30pm) Sunday – Thursday
0800 – 2130 (8am – 9:30pm) Friday – Saturday
Sept. 3 – Oct. 31:0900 – 1900 (9am – 7pm/sunset) Daily