CHARLIE - Viking Yacht

Project Manager: Chuck Kelley
Location: Somerset, MA

Charlie showed up at the Somerset yard in Fall, 2018 after the owner’s first full season with the boat in Newport, RI.  This Viking 65 is an impressive looking vessel, and the owner wanted to personalize it with a color change to the hull that would set it apart.

After hauling out, Bristol Marine made quick work of removing the tuna tower so that Charlie could be pulled into the yard’s 90′ paint booth.  Once inside, however, it was discovered that almost all of the hull topsides were covered with tiny cracks resulting from gelcoat failure. This cracking, caused by a bad batch of gelcoat dating back to the original construction of the boat, was only visible under the intense fluorescent lighting in the paint booth. Therefore, in order to continue with the painting process, the hull had to be completely stripped of its coating back to the fiberglass laminate beneath.

Led by Chuck Kelley (Somerset yard General Manager), work began with a very planned approach, going in two foot sections so that the original, beautiful hull shape wasn’t compromised.  Once these were stripped back, filled and faired the process was repeated for the remaining gelcoat strips.  The entire boat was then long-boarded for a smooth, even surface over the entire topsides.  Finally, she was given a full coat of Awlgrip 545 primer,  and then painted with Awlcraft 2000 for a beautiful finish that really makes this Viking 65 stand out.

Though the scope of work changed significantly due to the issues with the gelcoat, the extra precaution taken will help ensure that Charlie’s paint job will last for years.