AVALANCHE - Trehard 60'

On October 29th (2017) a storm rolled though Newport Harbor and gave AVALANCHE a beating. Her starboard side was badly damaged. Broken cabin windows, lifeline stanchions, destroyed deck, topside damage…
Our team quickly remedied the damage, replaced all broken hardware and sanded the decks smooth. During the project it was discovered that the headstay tang for the boat was an adaptation of the original design and was not properly handling its load. Working with the manufacturer and a local designer our metal department custom welded a new headstay tang.

  • New Life Rails & Stanchions
  • Repaired Teak Deck
  • Sanded Teak Deck
  • Repaired Topsides
  • Prime/Paint (including hardware, rigging and other upgrades)
  • New Cabin Windows
  • New Custom Welded Bowsprit

Project Manager: Greg Bartoszuk
Location: Somerset, MA